Academic Essay Checklist

  •  Essay Title Does the essay have the full animagesd correct essay title?
  •  Introduction: Is there a significant introduction that identifies the topic, purpose and structure
    of the essay? Are key words or concepts identified in the introduction?
  •  Main Body: Is there plenty of evidence that you have
    done the required reading? Have you put each main point in a separate paragraph? Are the paragraphs logically linked? Is each main point/argument supported byevidence, argument or examples?Are the ideas of others clearly referenced?
  •  Conclusion: Is the conclusion directly related to the
    question? Is it based on evidence and facts?
    Does it summarise the main points?
    Is it substantial (a paragraph or more)?
  • References
    Have you referenced all of your sources?
    Are all of the references accurate?
    Are all of the references in the essay shown in the bibliography and vice versa?
  • Layout
    Is it neat and legibly presented?

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